Avengers Assemble

After Tony sacrificed himself in order to defeat Thanos the Avengers have been looking for a new superhero and they are coming to the West Coast to find their new member. They are even assembling a second-generation Avengers in case there are two villains out at the same time.

In 2020 California Adventure will be home to the Avengers Campus. This new part of the park will take you inside the world of Avengers as they recruit the next generation of heros.

If you would want to truly understand why Spider-Man yells with excitement while swinging over New York then your first destination should be the Worldwide Engineering Brigade or “WEB” for short.

WEB houses the first-ever exclusive Spider-Man ride, the Web-Slinger. This ride will take you over New York and help Spider-Man collect Spider-Bots that are running loose.

After you finish you mission your stomach will definitely be calling for food. This is where the PYM Test Kitchen comes in. This restaurant will make you feel gigantic or small because they use Pym particles, the particles that Ant-Man and the Wasp use to grow and shrink.

One of the best things is meeting our heroes and that is what you can do at the Avengers Campus, although like all super heroes you never know where they will be except somewhere on Campus. Don’t forget to take a picture with Black Panther because you never know when he has to go back to Wakganda or when Thor has to be go back to Asgard.

When you are needing a break you can go and rest in the California Avengers headquarters. This is where you can see the Avengers Campus from above. While overlooking the Campus you will be able to see where all your favorite heroes are. Never forget to thank Iron-Man for saving us all.

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