Disney’s New Match 3 Game

Disney once again partnered with Gameloft to create a whole new adventure. On October 8th Disney and Gameloft released Disney Princess Majestic Quest. The Kingdom’s of Agrabah, France, and Atlantica have been attacked damaged by a magical meteor shower created by gems. It is up to you to help the three princesses and their friends repair the kingdoms that they live in.

When you play the game you will be helping Jasmine repair Agrabah. With the Sultan away on one of his Diplomatic Missions Jasmine is left in charge of restoring the kingdom and help the citizens get food and water.

In order to help with the tasks you have to play match 3 levels and collect stars. Along with the stars you also earn keys. These keys let you unlock the next kingdom

The next princess you will help Belle as she and the servants repair the ballroom, then go to Atlantica and help Ariel start fixing her kingdom.

In each kingdom you will be able to use the stars to help collect clues and help the princesses find out mysterious things that the meteor shower brought upon the kingdoms.

This is a great match 3 game, you are able to match between 3 to 5 gems. The gems can be in an “L”, “T”, diagonal, horizontal, or square. When you create a match of 4 or five you will be able to get a special power that can bee used later. For example, if you create a square you will receive a butterfly that can be used whenever you need it during the same level, you do not need to use it right after you create it. No matter which way you match 4 or 5 gems you will get a power which the princess you are helping will show you how to use it.

Dream Magically has been playing it and loving it, so Disney and puzzle lovers will definitely want to try it.

The game is available on Android, iOS, and Windows.

The best part? It’s FREE!

Avengers Assemble

After Tony sacrificed himself in order to defeat Thanos the Avengers have been looking for a new superhero and they are coming to the West Coast to find their new member. They are even assembling a second-generation Avengers in case there are two villains out at the same time.

In 2020 California Adventure will be home to the Avengers Campus. This new part of the park will take you inside the world of Avengers as they recruit the next generation of heros.

If you would want to truly understand why Spider-Man yells with excitement while swinging over New York then your first destination should be the Worldwide Engineering Brigade or “WEB” for short.

WEB houses the first-ever exclusive Spider-Man ride, the Web-Slinger. This ride will take you over New York and help Spider-Man collect Spider-Bots that are running loose.

After you finish you mission your stomach will definitely be calling for food. This is where the PYM Test Kitchen comes in. This restaurant will make you feel gigantic or small because they use Pym particles, the particles that Ant-Man and the Wasp use to grow and shrink.

One of the best things is meeting our heroes and that is what you can do at the Avengers Campus, although like all super heroes you never know where they will be except somewhere on Campus. Don’t forget to take a picture with Black Panther because you never know when he has to go back to Wakganda or when Thor has to be go back to Asgard.

When you are needing a break you can go and rest in the California Avengers headquarters. This is where you can see the Avengers Campus from above. While overlooking the Campus you will be able to see where all your favorite heroes are. Never forget to thank Iron-Man for saving us all.

Minnie’s voice Says “Goodbye”

“Minnie Mouse lost her voice with the passing of Russi Taylor. For more than 30 years, Minnie and Russi worked together to entertain millions around the world-a partnership that made Minnie Mouse a global icon and Russi a Disney Legend beloved by fans everywhere. We’re so grateful for Russi’s talent as well as the tremendous spirit and great joy to everything she did. It was a privilege to have known her and an honor to have worked with her, and we take comfort in the knowledge that her work will continue to entertain and inspire for generations to come. Russi will be sorely missed and our hearts go out to her family and friends, along with our deepest condolences.

Bob Iger

We all love Disney’s Fashionista but this article isn’t about her voice but the person behind the voice.

On September 26th, 2019 Russi Taylor passed away in Glendale, CA. Taylor voiced the iconic Minnie Mouse for over 30 decades starting in 1986, she was chosen out of 200 applicants.

Fun Fact: Minnie had 5 voice actors before Russi Taylor took over, one of the voices being Walt Disney himself

Taylor was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on May 4th, 1944. Russi’s childhood dream was to work for Disney. “When I was a little girl, I was with my mom and my brother, and it was late at night at Disneyland. We had just come off the Mark Twain Riverboat and were getting some popcorn. I looked over and saw Walt sitting on a bench, so we introduced ourselves and shared our popcorn with him. At one point during our chat, he asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up, and I said, “I want to work for you!” So he said, “Okay!-and now I do!” Russi reminisced about meeting the man himself.

“I never wanted to be famous, the characters I do are famous and that’s fine for me”

Russi Taylor

In the late 80s Taylor found her Mickey, Wayne Allwine, who voiced Mickey from 1977 to his death in 2009. They married in 1991 and stay together until his passing.

“I really want whoever comes after us to be aware of the history and tradition, and to love the characters as much as we do.”

Russi Taylor (her and her husband voicing Mickey and Minnie Mouse)

Taylor definitely filled those yellow shoes Minnie wears. She voiced Mickey’s main girl from 1986 to her passing. In addition, she also voiced many other well-known characters in Disney shows such as Huey, Dewey, and Louie (Donald’s triplet nephews) in shorts and the 1980’s show Duck Tales, she was also in multiple TV series such as The Little Mermaid, Bonkers, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, as well Disney Junior shows Sofia the First and The Lion Guard.

She also lent her voice to secondary characters Martin Prince and Sherri and Terri (the twins) on The Simpsons and The Simpsons Movie.

Taylor’s legacy will live on forever.

Descendant 3 Red Carpet Canceled, Donating to the Thirst Project

He was an Earth Angel

Dove Cameron, via Instagram

With the sudden passing of Cameron Boyce many things have changed not just for his fans, but for his co-stars, friends, and family. A few days ago, after trying to cope with the unforeseen death of Cameron, co-star Dove Cameron (who plays Mal in Disney’s Descendants) posted a 6 part video on their Instagrams sending their condolences to the Boyce family and sharing all the great things that they remember about Boyce.

Through her tears of grief Cameron posted a video on her Instagram, in the six part video Cameron read a letter she wrote (a suggestion from a therapist). The letter explained everything she felt about the loss of her friend, after explaining that she couldn’t imagine how the Boyce family felt Cameron continued with “Over the last 6 years, since he was only 14, Cameron talked me down from countless ledges, got me through eating disorders, helped me out of a dark relationship and through endless breakdowns. He would whisper the dance moves to me on live television when I didn’t know what I was doing or hold my hand quietly to communicate he was listening when we both knew we were thinking the same thing.”

After a deep breath Cameron continued the letter with a memory from behind the scenes of the Descendants movies that they were in together, “I can’t count on my hands the number of times we ruined something because we couldn’t stop making each other laugh.”

Trying to hold back the tears she went on to describe her friends personality, “Everyone keeps talking about how talented he was, he was undoubtedly the most talented person we will ever know. But what was special about Cameron was who he was in the moments when maybe no one was looking, the moments in between the big ones, when he didn’t have to be good or kind, Cameron was always good and kind. He was selfless and generous, he was magnanimous, inarguably a true full anthrept at only 20. Loved by anyone who was lucky enough to experience his light and indescribable energy. Cameron was the ultimate example of a human being.”

She finished the letter with a message to her late friend, “Good-bye my dear dear friend and brother. You leave behind a colossal wake, a profound chasm, but you also leave millions and millions of deeply impacted, hope filled, and love filled human beings who are who they are because of you and how you spent your brief 20 years on this earth. What a gift you were, you turned the world on its head. We can all only hope to be have the human that you were and you deserved so much more time. Goodbye to an Earth Angel. I will spend my life missing and loving you and all the better for knowing you.”

Disney Channel has canceled the “Descendants 3” Red Carpet Premiere that was set to be televised on July 22nd and instead donate to the Thirst Project, a non profit foundation that Boyce supported very much.

Thirst Project is a nonprofit organization that works with the support of young people to END the global water crisis by building freshwater wells in developing communities that need safe, clean drinking water. Why Water? Health and Sanitation: Waterborne diseases kill more children every single year than AIDS, Malaria, and all world violence combined. Small children typically do not have strong enough immune systems to fight diseases like cholera, dysentery, or schistosomiasis.

We hope you will join the Disney Company in donating to the Thirst Project also.

Mulan Remake

Many movie fans are upset about the changes of the live-action Mulan which will come out in 2020. This new Mulan will actually be more accurate and follow the Ballad of Mulan.

The 1998 musical only showed the structure of the poem, a girl going to war undercover as a man.

There are a few changes to this live-action remake is that there will be no songs, no love interest, and no dragon guardian. These changes are upsetting many Disney fans that grew up with the 1998 musical.

One of the biggest changes is that the humorous Mushu the guardian dragon (voiced by the hilarious Eddie Murphy) will be replaced with a phoenix instead. Twitter user Shawn Lee tweeted “Scholars have observed analogues to the phoenix in a variety of cultures. These analogues include the Chinese Fenghuang and etc. The special thing is in Chinese culture, FengHuang have two genders“.

In Chinese culture “FengHuang” comes from the notion Feng (Male) and Huang (Female). Logically, FengHuang is having balance between femininity and masculinity, or as people in the west know it, yin and yang, a balance between two completely different things.

In China many pictures of the phoenix are seen along side a dragon because the dragon ultimately represents the man and the phoenix represents women.

Dragon and FengHuang

Another aspect taken out of the 2020 Mulan is the music, not to say that there will be no music what so ever, as far as we know there will be instrumental versions of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” and “Reflection” just no words.

Lastly, there will be no love interest; that’s right Li Shang is completely out of this version. As stated before the 2020 Mulan will actually try to be more like it’s roots which has no love interest.

Although these changes are set the trailer still brings the spirit of Mulan to life and looks like a great remake.

Farewell Cameron Boyce

The Walt Disney Company mourns the loss of Cameron Boyce, who was a friend to so many of us, and filled with so much talent, heart and life, and far too young to die. Our prayers go out to his family and his friends.

Bob Iger (Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Co.) via Twitter.

The night of July 6, 2019 the world lost a very talented actor, Cameron Boyce. Spokesman for the Boyce family confirmed that he passed from a seizure due to an “ongoing medical condition”, which was later confirmed as Epilepsy.

Boyce made his film debut at the age of 9 in the 2008 horror film “Mirrors”. He joined the Disney Company doing the voice of Jake in the Disney Junior show Jake and the Neverland Pirates (2012-2015), in addition he portrayed Luke Ross in Jessie (2011-2015), and played Carlos DeVil in the DCOM series Descendants (the third movie comes out on August 2nd).

Disney CEO Bob Iger tweeted “The Walt Disney Company mourns the loss of Cameron Boyce, who was a friend to so many of us, and filled with so much talent, heart and life, and far too young to die. Our prayers go out to his family and his friends.”

Many of the actors actors directors Boyce worked with wrote many kind things about him and sent their sympathies to his family. “Descendants” Director, Kenny Ortega, wrote “My Love, Light and Prayers go out to Cameron and his Family. Cameron brought Love, Laughter and Compassion with him every day I was in his presence. His talent, immeasurable. His kindness and generosity, overflowing. It has been an indescribable honor and pleasure to know and work with him. I will see you again in all things loving and beautiful my friend. I will search the stars for your light. Rest In Peace Cam. You will always be My Forever Boy!”

Charles Esten who played Morgan Ross, Luke Ross’ father on Jessie, tweeted, “My family and I are devastated today, by the loss of our young and amazing friend, Cameron Boyce. Years before I was blessed to play his father on JESSIE, we were blessed to know him and his wonderful family at the elementary school our kids all attended together. It was there we were introduced to his endless talent, kindness, and joy for living. At his very 1st talent show, little Cameron’s dancing lit up the stage, and left everyone on their feet, cheering. It was clear to all that he was destined to be the star he would soon become.”

Adam Sandler, who played Lenny Feder the father of Keithie Feder (Boyce) in Grown Ups, wrote, “Too young. Too sweet. Too funny. Just the nicest, most talented, and most kid around.” Sandler went father saying “Loved that kid. Cared so much about his family. Cared so much about the world. Thank you, Cameron, for all that you gave us. So much more was on the way. All our hearts are broken. Thinking of your amazing family and sending our deepest condolences.”

Jamal Sims (who will be playing Dr. Facilier in Descendants 3) wrote “My heart is broken 💔 Shine on my friend your light will continue to shine,” Sims wrote. “Thank you for sharing your gift and your love with us all. #restinpower @thecameronboyce.”

Cameron will be missed dearly.

Lion King joins Build A Bear


There is no doubt that whether you are a 90s baby or millennial, we are ecstatic about the Lion King movie being released in less than a month. We also know that whenever a movie comes out Build-A-Bear will join in on the action, June 22nd they posted a sneak peek of their bears of Simba and Nala cubs.


From the announcement on the Build-A-Bear website it sounds like you can make your own Timon or Pumbaa also. This collection will join other bears inspired by other Disney movies like Aladdin, Toy Story, and Frozen (just to name a few). The collection will officially come out July 3rd.

They’re Back

There is no doubt that Kenny Ortega loves to make trilogies that excite his fans and leave them wanting more. After the success of the High School Musical trilogy (2006-2008) he gave us a few years to enjoy the trilogy before taking us on a whole new adventure with Descendants (2015) and Descendants 2 (2017), now he is finishing the DCOM series with Descendants 3.

We knew this was going to be a trilogy when the last words at the end of the first two movies were “You didn’t think this was the end of the story, did you?”.

For those who don’t know Descendants is based off a series of the same name by Melissa de la Cruz. The series has four books (Isle of the Lost, Return to the Isle of the Lost, Rise of the Isle of the Lost, and Escape from the Isle of the Lost). Descendants 3 reveals secrets and makes us curious of who the true villain is.

A teaser trailer released February of 2018 gave us a glimpse of another character that could be revealed, her father, I’m guessing that some part of the movie will be Mal trying to find her father.

The third movie is definitely the end of the Descendants saga. With the first two movies letting us follow the Villain Kids as they transition from how they were raised, being vile and taking after their parents to who they truly are, kind kids who want to protect Auradon from evil.

On the Disney Descendants YouTube Channel there are “Is it” videos, these videos are one-minute teasers of Hades, Celia (Daughter of Dr. Faciliar), or Uma. Each video has a narration of the reason why they would want revenge. But the villain hasn’t officially been revealed but the official trailer gave us a hint that it is most likely Hades.

But no matter what happens there is no way Kenny Ortega will disappoint his fans. Descendants 3 will be on Disney Channel on August 2.

We Tell Them “Just Roll With It”

When we think improv we think we yell something out and they just have to roll with it., but Just Roll With It takes improv up a notch. This new Disney Channel show is taped in front of a live studio audience who are given remotes, and during the show a fog horn sounds and that is where the remotes come in, three options appear on the screen (the cast members have no clue what the choices are), the answers are instantly tallied and they will have to “Just Roll With It”.

The show is about the Bennett-Blatt clan, a blended family, Blair Bennett, a rebellious 6th grader with out a cause, and her paradoxical mother, Racheal, an ex-military mom who tends to be strict and more regiment, and her husband Byron Blatt, a creative and charismatic morning radio host, and his polar opposite son Owen, a natural athlete who enjoys structure.

Through the 30 min show there times where they will stop in the middle of the scene (when they hear the fog horn) and head off stage while the audience votes on what happens next. When they come back to the stage they just have to roll when what we say.

Tune into Disney Channel Wednesday nights to watch Bennett-Blatt family go through their crazy unpredictable life.

A Princely Remake

Memorial Day weekend 2019 we return to Agrabah with Will Smith retelling the story of a certain Street Rat. On May 24th Aladdin made his live-action appearance with Mena Massoud as Aladdin, Naomi Scott as Jasmine, and Will Smith as Genie.

This live action remake gives us a deeper understanding to the characters and the events that made them who they are.

This new yet familiar retelling of the 1992 animated film starts off on a boat where two kids are at sea looking at bigger boats than the one that they’re on. Will Smith (who is now a mortal) sets them down and says “It’s time I told you the story of Aladdin, the Princess, and the Lamp”. He starts singing “Arabian Nights” and telling the children about his friend who set him free.

The story starts a little different from the animated movie, Jasmine is traveling the streets of Agrabah in disguise and instead of giving an apple to a hungry boy she gives two kids a piece of bread not understanding the law of the marketplace, this is where she is saved by Aladdin.

Aladdin then takes Jasmine to his home where Jasmine says her name is “Dalia” (who is actually her handmaid and confident).

Unlike the animated movie Aladdin and Jasmine have one more encounter before Aladdin becomes “Prince Ali”. Being a very clever “Street Rat” Aladdin sneaks into the palace to return a bracelet that Abu stole. This is where Jafar finds his “Diamond in the Rough” (he saw Aladdin in a magic hourglass in the 1992 version).

He then is caught by guards and taken into the desert where he has a conversation with Jafar and finds out that “Dalia” is Jasmine (in the 1992 version Jasmine reveals herself when the guards are arresting Aladdin).

This is where he makes the deal and goes to retrieve the lamp he helps and meets carpet.

The movie is basically the same after that except with a party and dance scene.

Jasmine is more independent and even has her own song. In this version Jasmine not only dreams about love but also becoming queen without marrying a foreign prince (or any prince for that matter), but the sultan believes that the marriage will help the kingdom become stronger.

With all the songs from the original (with a splash of style from Will Smith) this live-action remake is a movie that does not disappoint.