Disney’s Movie that Celebrated Black History

With February being Black History month it is time to look at the movie that celebrated Black History.

In 2009 Disney brought another fairytale to the screen The Princess and the Frog, based off the Brothers Grimm story The Frog Prince has a twist.

Set in the 1920s the movie follows Tiana a black woman who has a severe case of  Ranidaphobia (fear of frogs) and Prince Naveen, who after being cut off by his parents desperately wants to go back to his life as a prince and get by with his looks and money.

The movie starts with Tiana’s mom, Eudora telling little Tiana and her best friend, Charlotte the story of The Frog Prince, We then flash forward to Tiana being an adult. With only Eudora and Charlotte behind her, Tiana works two jobs and saves every penny to achieve her and her father’s (who tragically passed away in the war) goal for Tiana to own her own restaurant.

We then meet Naveen and his butler who enjoy the musical atmosphere of New Orleans. They run into Dr. Facilier a man who voodoo, they both make a deal with Dr. Facilier that for Naveen unexpectedly turns him into a frog and turns the butler into Naveen as long as there was enough blood in the voodoo call.

One day Charlotte tells Tiana that her father is having a party for the arrival of Prince Naveen, a foreign prince from the fictional kingdom of Maldonia.

That night Tiana brings her famous beignets, at the party the realtors who promised Tiana the abandoned sugar mill told her that another person outbid her and to stick with cooking.

After Charlotte’s dog gets excited and ruins her dress Charlotte takes Tiana to her room to clean her up and give her an amazing blue dress. After Charlotte leaves back to the party Tiana makes a wish on a star, when she sees a frog, not knowing it’s Naveen, jokes saying “let me guess, you want a kiss”, Naveen then replies with “Unless you want more”.

Tiana learns that the only way Naveen can return back into a human is to find a princess and kiss her.

Tiana decides that against her fear she would kiss a frog, which also doesn’t go as planned, instead of turning Naveen into a man the kiss turns Tiana into a frog also.

Taking a trip all around Louisiana to find a solution to turn then back into humans along with a firefly and an alligator the two frogs learn that what they needed wasn’t what they thought.

This movie was a turning stone for Disney. Although they did do a princess of a different ethnicity before with Pocahontas (who was Native American) The Princess and the Frog showed more discrimination and accuracy of historical facts.

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