Mickey was simply a little personality assigned to the purposes of laughter.

Walt Disney

Name: Mickey Mouse
Other name: Mick, Steamboat Willie
Age: 90
Voice Actor(s): Walt Disney, Wayne Allwine, James MacDonald, Les Perkins, Bret Iwan, Chris Diamantopoulos
Significant other: Minnie Mouse
Pet: Pluto

Background: After a falling out with Universal Studios, Walt lost his first character “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit”, with no character of his own Walt had to create a character that he could call his own and have all the rights to, this is when Mickey popped into Walt’s mind. On the way back to Hollywood from New York City Walt started to draw what he thought the face of Disney should look like. When he returned to the Walt Disney Studios he showed his drawing to Ub Iwerks, who was the chief animator at the studio, they took Mickey from a stick-figure mouse without gloves to the mouse with red shorts, white gloves, and yellow shows that we know today.

Personality: When Mickey made his first appearance in Steamboat¬†Willie he was a rambunctious troublemaker but in the 90 years since his debut Mickey has become a great guy. He can be shy, silly, and brave. His favorite thing to do is go on an adventure (even if they don’t go as planned). No matter what he does he is a symbol of friendship, goodwill, kindness, and imagination.