Name: Minerva Mouse
Other names: Minnie
Voice Actor(s): Walt Disney, Russi Taylor
Significant other: Mickey Mouse
Pet: Figaro the cat

Background: Like her boyfriend, Minnie was createtd by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, she made her debut along side Mickey in Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928. Disney decided that Mickey needed a girlfriend (Oswald didn’t have one).

Appearence: In the early cartoons Minnie didn’t wear her signature red and white polkadot dress (which didn’t come around until 1986), and didn’t have 200+ outfits. During the 1920s Minnie was dressed as a stereotypical flapper girl, she wore a blue dress (that looked like a skirt), black stockings, oversized heels, and a bowler hat with a flower in it. 1935 marked the first time Mickey and Minnie had color in their shorts, due to the fact that it was hard to conttrol polkadots Minnie wore solid colors. By the 1940s Minnie was redesigned, the “Rubber Hose” animation (animated characters having skinny arms and sometimes legs) started to fade and the simplicity of using circles for the head, body, and ears were limited. This is when they had to redesign Mickey and Minnie, giving them pear shaped bodies for easy animaion, this is when Minnie’s polkadots started to be more common. Minnie faded from the screen during the late 40s to 70s only appearing in a few episodes of The Mickey Mouse Club, during the 30 years she mostly appeared in comics along side Mickey. During the 80s Mickey and Minnie came back to the screen as Bob and Mrs. Cratchet in Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983). In 1986 Disney decided that Minnie deserved the spotlight and made 1986 the year of Minnie Mouse in all Disney Parks. This was when Minnie’s popularity skyrocketed and got her signature red and white dress. Since then we have always had Minnie in our hearts. From the 90s to 2006 Minnie sported outfits that were more like her early dress (no polkadots) but she always had her bow. From 2006 to present Minnie has been seen in many different colors but the polkadots are always there.

Personality: Aside from being very fashionable, Minnie is good-hearted and sweet, she can sometimes lose her temper (especially when Mickey forgets a date). She is a fiercly loyal friend, a great pet owner, and most of all a fool for romance.