Here you can find all the monthly contest question. You can also watch the videos on the Dream Magical YouTube channel. When you figure out the answer e-mail us at The reason we ask you to email is so that there is no stealing of answers.

Note: All winners are randomly selected

January’s contest question

In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, what iconic shape does the apple show after it finishes dripping?
Answer: Skull
Winner: EvilQueenK

February’s contest question

What color is Aladdin’s feather when he is “Prince Ali”?
Answer: Purple
Winner: Britt Rudolph

March’s contest question

What animal does Genie turn Abu into?
Answer: An Elephant
Winner: Donald Anderson

April’s contest question

What do Genie’s first and third rule have in common?
What is one of Genie’s three rules?
Answer: Both include death, 1. He can’t kill anybody. 2. He can’t make anybody fall in love. 3. He can’t bring anybody back from the dead (it’s not a pretty picture and he doesn’t like doing it).
Winner: Kim Fike Stewart

May’s contest question

What does Jasmine take before Aladdin saves her?
Answer: An Apple
Winner: Donald Anderson

June contest question (June 1-15)

What event does Woody send the Army men to spy on?
Answer: Andy’s Birthday Party
Winner: Disney Guardian

June contest question (June 16-30)

What company did Disney work with to make Toy Story?

November contest question

What planet do we meet Rey on in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”?