Welcome to The Owl House

On January 10, 2019 Disney Channel introduced us to Luz. Luz is an outcast who brings her school projects to life by using real life props (real snakes, spiders, etc.), after her latest visit to the principal’s office forces her mother to send her to “Reality Check Summer Camp” where she will learn to be “normal”.

When Luz’s favorite book is taken by an owl she ends up finding another world called “The Boiling Isles” where she meets Eda “The Owl Lady”, a rebellious witch who is wanted in The Boiling Isles.

Eda ends up taking Luz to her save haven “The Owl House” where she lives with her roommate King, a former powerful master of all demons.

Eda and King make a deal with Luz, if Luz retrieves King’s crown from the contraband room of the prison then they will send her back. The crown and all contraband items are protected by a magic spell which only allows humans to get through.

After retrieving the crown Luz makes the choice to stay in the Boiling Isles and become a witch instead of going back to Earth and become someone she isn’t, a plain, normal, person who fits in with society.

Now Luz is Eda’s apprentice and secretly living in the Boiling Isles.

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