We all want to meet our favorite princess or our favorite character but even the Happiest Place on Earth has a few rules. Here is where you can find a few rules, tips, and tricks about the parks before you start packing.


The parks are very strict on what you can and can’t wear luckily the parks don’t require you to wear a suit and tie (a nice polo and slacks would be helpful incase you go to a somewhat fancy restaurant).

  • wear comfortable clothing that is easy to walk in
    • Shirt
    • Shoes
    • Hat
  • You CAN’T wear
    • torn clothing
    • obscene clothing
      • No Tube or Crop Tops
      • foul words
      • anything that isn’t considered “family-friendly”
    • Costumes
      • Costumes are allowed for those guests 13 and under (masks that cover the whole face are prohibited for any costumes)

To see all rules about clothing click here.


Here are a few tips to remember while at the park

  • Fast Pass
    • Fast Passes are one of the best ways to get ahead in the game, a fast pass gives you a time to be at your event or attraction and have a guaranteed place in line.
  • The Apps
    • Disney parks have their own apps available on iOS and Android to help you get around and find the shortest line, make reservations, and mobile order from the quick-service (fast food) restaurants.
  • ADA
    • Disney Parks comply with ADA regulations
      • To get disability services go to any guest services building which can be found throughout Disney Parks.


  • Magic Bands
    • Magic Bands are only available in Florida, but one of the best things to have and one less thing to have, they are colorful (or have character owned by Disney) waterproof wristbands that are the size of a watch or bracelet, it’s like a ticket that you can’t lose because they are on your wrist. Magic Bands have a sensor so you can get on your ride or into your attraction.
    • Magic Bands are your key to everything
      • Enter the theme and water parks (with valid admission)
      • Fast Pass+ check-in
      • Access your pictures
      • Charge food and merchandise to your room
    • If you are traveling to Florida on a plane and staying in a Disney World Resort DO NOT pack your Magic Band in your check-in, Magic Bands are your key to get on the bus to take you to the resort and unlocking your room when you arrive at the hotel.
  • Use your app to the fullest
    • If you downloaded the app use it to the fullest. You have your own GPS to help you get around the parks so you can meet Mickey on Main Street to see Ariel in Fantasyland.
  • Leave your money at home
    • Buy gift cards from your local retailers and if you don’t use all of them at the parks there are no worries, you can always use them on your next trip or at the Disney Store near you or on the Disney Store website.
  • When in doubt ask a cast member
    • The APP can only take you so far but Disney employees can take you farther. It’s unacceptable for cast members to utter the words “I don’t know”, so ask any cast member “Where will Ariel be next?” and a cast member will always get you an answer.